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Gav's been shopping

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 13, 2015, 12:49 PM
Gavin Heggs

Gav's been shopping

As many of you know already I sold my Audi A4 last year before going on my travels. You may also know I bought a blue VW T5 2.5 TDI 130ps LWB 4motion Transporter but that didn't last long soooo: I bought another one.
Everyone welcome to the stable my new VW T5 2.5 TDI 130ps LWB Transporter, in silver. Being Silver it won't have all the engine problems of the Blue one (cough) and as I had to wait a little longer to get it, t cost more so is less tatty.
This has resulted in me having a van so I can move big stuff again and turn up to photo shoots not dressed like a power ranger which is helpful. Also I'm skint again so I will have to play with the toys I have and no new ones for a bit.
As per the bikes I have a blog for the VW Transporter on blogger where I will waffle about various mods and tweaks I perform on the Dub rather than bore you with it on here. You might get some cross over with photography though so it is doubtful that this will be the last you will hear of it (none of the current images are mine mind).
If you were wondering what I was on about with regards to blogs then there is also a NSR250 SE MC28 and VFR800 F RC46 blog that are pretty well established with some interesting tails of wo for you to giggle at over a brew.
You will also spot me on the VWT5Forum, if you are a member; please do say hi :).

On another subject entirely I am currently away from home (oh well that makes a change) and only had space to pack my F90x with a Nikkor 50mm f1.4. Currently wishing I had brought the Tamron 17-35 as the leaves are turning giving me a few landscape opportunities that I had to pass up with the kit I have. A variety of random stuff may well come up though, part of the fun of what I do I guess :)
Have a van pic by the previous owner until I get a chance to photograph the damn thing.

Bikes, Birds & Botanics

New beginnings by in-my-viewfinder
A collection of new images should always be accompanied by a journal so here it is.
Yesterday I took a trip to a local Falconry and wildlife park; namely Woodside wildlife park and falconry. As it turns out it is a small yet pretty good place to visit. Some real characters in the animals and staff made the day much more enjoyable.
I got another chance to shoot with the Tamron 150-600mm and yet again I let the shutter speed get far too low. Still learning!
Even so I managed to get one or two decent images. One thing that was bothering me allot that day was the lens seeming to struggle to focus. Now this is never easy with small fast moving birds but it was consistently focusing too far out. This was in part due to the limit switch getting knocked back on but other times it was just having a mare. It was also not refocusing between frames which it is supposed to do. Otherwise I had a nice time and got one or two decent frames.
As for motorcycles I have been in the garage with the VFR800 for minor exhaust maintenance and the RD250 to make it look a bit more like a bike than a pile of bits. I have included an image of its starting point above. Things aren't looking a whole lot better but I am starting to get some direction on this project now. The NSR250 is now stripped ready for painting and the other RD is a rather unconvincing pile of bits.
A big reason for reduced motorcycle work and photography has been work and my garden. Both are hungry for my attention and neither look any better for it.

Loose Balls

Yet again I have been quiet. This is partially because I have nothing much interesting to say but mostly because I have been rather busy. 2 new Yamaha RD250's that are scattered round my garages are a big cause of this!
Anyway there was a reason for this update that was of more interest to you:
As you may know already; I own a Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with a 498R2 ball head. I recently noticed that the ball locking lever was doing absolutely nothing (the friction knob and panning lever worked fine still). It would just wind in to its stop having achieved nothing. The ball head could be locked with the friction screw but this was far from ideal so I assumed that this head had prematurely died.
I was looking for a replacement head (a little miffed that this had died after just a couple of year light usage) and thought I'd just try to see if there was anyone else with this problem. As it happened there are and this flickr discussion gave me the answer I needed.The cause of the issue is a plug in the end of the screw or more to the point its absence. If you wind the locking lever too far out this plug can fall out into the ball head. To retrieve it all you have to do is unscrew the locking lever and give the head a shake. 2 minutes later, with the plug back slotted into the end of the locking lever screw, everything works like new :)
This is a known 'problem' and Manfrotto's answer is to just not unscrew it too much. As it happens mine had wound out whilst walking so it would be advisable to lock the head before traveling. Some people have suggested gluing or soldering the plug into the end of the screw but this is a bad idea as it will introduce friction when screwing the lock lever in thus damaging the head.
One other thing I found out about this head that I did not know was that you can lull the levers out and rotate them freely. This is [supposed to be] useful if they lock in an undesirable position.

Road trip!

B52 Sting by in-my-viewfinderFlicking the V by in-my-viewfinderRockers by in-my-viewfinderTerminal by in-my-viewfinderStar ship by in-my-viewfinderA mentor to no-one. by in-my-viewfinder
This weekend a few colleges and I dragged ourselves out of our hotel and went on a little road trip through the heartland of the USA.
The first place we visited was Wichita, Kansas state. Here we met up with F16CrewChief (If you don't know him, he has one of the best catalogues of aircraft on dA check him out!) where we visited the Kansas aviation museum and Kansas Cosmosphere. Both were fantastic, interesting places to visit.
The aviation museum was especially good to photograph; from the Art-Deco terminal to the exhibits themselves (some actually squeezed inside the terminal building itself!) making for a great range of interesting subjects. Some of the images from the museum are featured above, the last of which, the Jet Mentor is very special indeed. There are plenty more images besides these and I will upload some of these later.
The Cosmosphere has some great exhibits, some of which I will share soon, the Apollo 13 command module was my personal highlight.
Once we were done with the Cosmosphere we said our goodbyes to F16CrewChief, who had been dropping all kinds of interesting insight up until this time, so we could make our way to Kansas city.
On our way to Kansas we stopped at the former Mildred concrete plant. Sadly it was dark when we got there making exploration tricky. What we were able to get to in our limited time was very interesting though, I only wish we had more time and better planning to make more of it.
Kansas brought us the WW1 museum at the Liberty memorial and Negro baseball league museum. Both were very interesting and informative. The world war 1 museum was allot more substantial than we had been lead to believe with very large collections of small arms, field guns and even a tank. Pretty impressive considering its size.  
All good things have to come to an end sadly and now facing -9c accompanied by a rather chilly wind, we decided to go home. This meant we didn't get to visit the PHM-5 Aeris hydrofoil we had hoped to see. Promise of blizzards, no response from the museum piece owner and a lack of taste for any further driving saw us skip out this extra leg to our journey.
For a relatively short notice trip it was a good fun event made all the more special for F16CrewChief taking the time to come say hello to whom we owe a big thank you.

Bigger is better

Expedition over adventure by in-my-viewfinder
With the Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 DI VC USD it was inevitable that the already over stuffed Tamrac Adventure 9 was far to small for the job. I spent far to long researching bags and was considering some real monsters before settling on a second hand Expedition 7.
Big enough to carry the monster Tamron fitted to the camera along with all of my other lenses, two speed lights and assorted crap. Most importantly though the Tripod fits down the centre of the back, far less annoying than dangling under the bag like it did on my Adventure 9.
I look forward to getting out with it for an adventure or expedition...
broadening my audience.

I have found, increasingly so, that my reach within Deviant art is a bit limited. With the free membership being so clunky and the general lack of will for other non-deviant art users to access websites outside of their favourites list, I have chosen to start a facebook page for my photography. This should broaden my reach with a more commonly understood and used website.
This isn't me leaving Deviant Art, just to clarify, as the community here is far to good. DA is the best place on the internet to reach other artists, where you can share and enjoy great works of art whilst getting excellent feedback on both.

In other news.
As you will have seen, I have been busy exploring the heartland on the United States. Since the end of December I have been busy snapping and uploading at break neck speed. Some has been places and things of interest to my watchers, others have been a bit more artistic. I hope you are enjoying them and would appreciate any feedback you may have.
As for all of the :fav:s and such, thank you very much. I have now reached that awkward point where I can only send so many thank you's before getting accused of spamming. So I apologise for not sending you a personal thank you but a big thank you all the same.

Finally and maybe the thing I should have opened this journal with, I have finally purchased a super-teli lens. I recieved my Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 DI VC USD. I have only been out for a quick test and found it to be very good for the (comparatively speaking) low price. So hopefully this will bring some more opportunities to shoot further away subjects with ease and less cropping.

Some help for new visitors

:wave: Hello and welcome to my Deviant art account and gallery.
If you are new to Deviant art then here are some pointers to help you get started:
:bulletblue: you are on my home page, welcome! Here you can read my journal, leave a note and see my latest work.
:bulletblue: the tabs above will allow you to access my gallery and prints
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:bulletblue: Prints are available for allot of my art but if you see a picture you like that isn't available then send me a note.
:bulletblue: I do have alternative suppliers of prints so again if you don't quite see what you are after then let me know.

:spotlight-left: Is there a piece of art you have in mind? Message me for commissions. :spotlight-right:

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Gavin Heggs
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
I am a photographer that will shoot a wide range of subject matters. I work in the aviation trade and as such this features allot in my art. I also capture a great deal of architecture, portraiture, sport and rural/city landscapes.
I live in Great Britain and get the opportunity to shoot some fantastic subjects throughout the world. I have met many wonderful people and enjoy trying to capture their personality in every portrait I have taken.
If you are interested in any of these photographs or have an interest in a commission of your own, then please do contact me for a quote.

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